The Gear

The Go-kart team has grown from 3 go-karts to 12 and has introduced 5 buggies for adults.

The go-karts are all made and maintained by members of the team, as are the vehicles, trailers and everything else that makes the activity possible.

The go-karts only run on grass, have 5.5 hp, 160 cc Honda engines and are built to survive constant driving by beginners! Most new drivers will be travelling at 10 to 15 miles per hour, though it feels much faster.

The Team

The current team is made up of Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts, Scout and Guide leaders and Fellowship members.

Although the team is based in Lincolnshire, the people you meet today may well come from Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, West Midlands or Essex!

Everyone in the team is trained to ensure the safe running of the go-kart activity. What makes things tick smoothly is the fact that we have a real mixture of skills and interests – from those who enjoy the excitement of the track, those who like to meet the riders and those who like to get their hands dirty in the workshop. The most important person is the one who brings round the hot drinks on a cold day and the cold drinks on a hot day!