About Us


Who are we?

The Go-kart team has been operating this activity for over thirty years, providing a motor sport activity for young people of the Scout and Guide Associations. We are the ones in the bright red overalls at weekend camps and Jamborees!

What do we do?

We provide expertise and equipment to set up and operate go-karting as an enjoyable activity. We aim to teach young people and adults driving skills in a non-competitive environment. We can operate in various ways to accommodate anything up to 60 drivers per hour. We do not run operate at public events.

Who can drive?

We have two types of go-kart, so we can cater for all ages and abilities. There is a minimum age of 8 and those with special needs are usually able to drive supported by a member of staff.

Where do we operate?

We are able to transport our equipment to anywhere in the country. We require an area of level grass, free from obstructions, a minimum of 50 by 50 meters. We must be able to secure this area. Campsites and most grass fields are suitable. NOTE: We will ONLY operate on grass.

How fast do they go?

The Go-karts may seem extremely quick to the driver, but in reality with novices the go-karts travel between 10 and 15 mph.

What about the weather?

We love hot sunny days and can cope with clouds and light rain, however in torrential rain ground conditions can become dangerous and we may have to stop. When we do operate in the rain be prepared for everyone to get very wet and very muddy!

How noisy are the Go-karts?

We operate four-stroke Honda engines, which are found on small plant items and large lawnmowers. They can rarely be heard over 250 meters away.

Is it safe?

Go-karting is a motor sport and can be dangerous. We aim to make it as safe as possible so everyone can enjoy themselves. Drivers will be supervised at all times, provided with a helmet and given a comprehensive briefing. Anyone behaving dangerously will be removed from the track.

Are we insured?

The Scout Association Insurance Department provides supplementary cover for this activity. Any questions about this cover should be directed to the Chief Instructor or The Insurance Department.

What does it cost?

Our charges are based on an hourly operating rate, plus transport costs from Lincolnshire to the event.

What would we need from you?

  • A suitable location
  • 350 tyres or 100 bales for the track
  • Time to confirm the booking, agree operations and costs